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If you’re ready to step out on a first date with someone you’ve met through an online dating site, chances are you’re feeling more than a little nervous. It’s perfectly natural. It’s worth preparing yourself as best you can, and to get you started, here are a few suggestions to help get the conversation flowing.


So, let’s say you’ve met someone online who appeals to you, and you decide that it would nice to meet up face-to-face. Where and when this first meeting happens is something to consider carefully, especially as this real-life contact will change the nature of the friendship considerably. You want the first date to go well, and if it does it may even lead to something longer term.


Imagine you have made contact online with a potential date and you are soon to meet up in person. The details have been arranged such as where, when and how you will meet, and you’ve decided what you’ll wear for this first date. But you may be feeling uneasy about how to behave or what to talk about when the time comes. Below are a few pointers to help you come across looking your best and avoid those potentially awkward dating moments.


If you’re about to sign up to an online dating site, you probably intend to put a lot of thought into creating a fabulous profile, and choose just the right images. You may not have thought too much about your member name and headline, but they can be just as important in getting across the right message.


In London, speed dating is great for creating a wider network of friends, and maybe even finding a partner. If you’re feeling a little nervous about speed dating, below are a few guidelines to help make it a more fun and rewarding experience:


If you’re a South African new to London, you might be finding life in this historic British city quite a different experience from back home. If you have decided to join an online dating site, you might just need a few tips on dating the London locals.


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