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With today’s hectic lifestyles it’s rare to venture far without a bevy of gadgets, and at the very least your mobile phone. Yet if you’re heading for a first date, here’s a few suggestions for when a mobile is and isn’t welcome.


So, let’s say you have found a member on an online dating website whose profile really appeals to you. This person seems to have many of the right attributes – nice appearance, good-humoured, about the right age, likes some of the same TV shows and movies as you, lives fairly close by - and you become very curious for more details. However it’s important to take a deep breath before you charge in with too many questions all at once. Here are a few guidelines to help:


You’ve taken the leap and joined an online dating site; you’ve found someone you seem to be hitting it off with. You’ve emailed and maybe even met for coffee and now you’re ready for the first dinner date. If you want to make the right impression, it pays to consider the options thoroughly. Here are a few pointers.


If you are feeling very keen to meet a special friend or partner, setting up your profile on an online dating website can help you achieve your aim a little faster, but rushing romance can lead to disappointment. Be patient - you might meet lots of different people whose company you enjoy, but who might not be potential lifelong partners for you. Try to be realistic and keep a cool head, recognising that true love does not always come instantly.


In the seach for that special partner, chances are you’ll meet quite a few others along the way. If you do meet someone whilst Internet dating that you know isn’t the one, but still enjoy chatting to, there is the possiblilty you can be friends. No one said it had to be all or nothing!


If you haven’t dated for years, it can be a bit daunting to start again and you may feel unsure of current dating protocol. These tips might help you with modern-day dating:


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