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Okay, you’ve had a few dates. Things have been going well but you feel the need to branch out. You really need a change of scene from that restaurant (and perhaps you’re wallet does too!) and you’re not really into the bar and nightclub scene. For something new, innovative, and really enjoyable, why not try a walking date?


Just as the cover might first draw us to a book, or we might notice photos in a magazine before we’ve even seen the headline, the images you choose to include with your online dating profile can be the thing that entices potential partners to read further. So it pays to get the photos just right. If you’re thinking of taking some new ones for the occasion, here are a few suggestions:


If you’re a South African new to London, you might be finding life in this historic British city quite a different experience from back home. If you have decided to join an online dating site, you might just need a few tips on dating the London locals.


If you’ve been using an online dating site and you’re about to meet up in person for a first date, it’s only natural that you want to make a big impression, but it’s important to choose an appropriate venue for the occasion. The choices are extensive, so it might be easier to suggest where not to go for that first date:


So you’ve taken the leap, joined an online dating site, and started exchanging emails. Now comes the crucial first date, and hopefully, a second and third. Yet before you start planning the date to outdo all dates, why not sit back and think it through? A well planned might be the difference between one date and one lasting relationship.


The Internet is a great way to meet people but sometimes it can be a little scary, especially if you’re new to online dating. There are ways of ensuring your safety on UK Internet dating sites and knowing what they are can make the experience less stressful for you.


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