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The Queens Head (about...)
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This 3 mile walk through Chislehurst will be both interesting and picturesque. Although not many miles from London, you would think you were in the heart of the countryside during much of the time as you walk through parkland, and woodland, with fine views of nearby Petts Wood. The walk passes the house where William Willett lived (he was the inventor of British Summertime). Chislehurst is also famous for it’s caves which were carved from rocks 8,000 years ago. They have been used by druids and also as a wartime air-raid shelter. They have also served as film locations for Doctor Who and many famous people have hosted concerts there, including Jimi Hendrix who played to 3,000 fans in 1967. The walk starts and finishes at the Queens Head pub in the centre of Chislehurst, and there is also a stop at another pub en-route for some optional refreshments.

2 High Street, Chislehurst, BR7 5AN (map...)
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Male 45 - 65, Female 45 - 65
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Speed Dating

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The hardest thing about Internet dating can often be the decision to give it a go in the first place. And while it may seem daunting to put together a personal profile that others will read, it really is just a case of being clear, concise and positive. Here are a few things to consider before writing your profile.


Living in this fast-paced modern world means we want to get things done more quickly, but our hectic lifestyles can mean that we zoom past potential partners or friends every day without even noticing – and we have little time to devote to actively seeking someone special. If that sounds like you, then speed dating could be your answer! Speed dating not only helps you meet people faster it narrows down your search to those who are also actively looking.


Are you in a hurry to meet people and maybe find a potential partner? If you are then it’s likely that the more traditional methods of meeting new people leave you frustrated and impatient. Perhaps you’d benefit by trying a more modern way of dating. Joining an online dating site or attending a speed dating session are two ways of doing this that can help you meet more people faster because you’ll be meeting like-minded people who are also purposely seeking to form new relationships. Speed dating in particular is a great way to get to know people very quickly.