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Walks in London

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Westminster & St James Park Walk
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Break up your Sunday by meeting new like-minded single people and have a great afternoon out on a leisurely walk around Westminster and St. James’s Park. The walk takes in popular tourist attractions including the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, Scotland Yard, and also goes through St. James’s Park alongside the lake with its many swans and ducks. There is a stop at a pub halfway round for some optional refreshments. The walk finishes back at Charing Cross where we started from.
Meet outside Charing Cross Mainline Station
The Strand


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Speed Dating
Male 40 - 65, Female 40 - 65
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Join us for a great Saturday night out in Central London where you will make new friends and meet new like minded single people. Our pub walks are great fun and we walk and talk as well as taking in the scenery, hustle bustle, and the atmosphere of London. We meet the main entrance of Charing Cross Station at 7.45 pm and then walk towards Covent Garden. Covent Garden is both a market and an emporium, with an outdoor piazza providing lots of outdoor entertainment. There is always a brilliant atmosphere there and it is always buzzing with lots of things going on. The walk takes in the atmosphere and history of Covent Garden, of which there is much, . Some of Covent Garden's best pubs are away from the main piazza, hidden away down side streets nearby. During the evening we visit 3 interesting pubs, all with atmosphere, history and a story to tell. Do not worry if you are coming alone as you will have a great time and be made to feel welcome. If there is anyone you would like to meet again after the walk, then let us know and we will do the work for you, it is as simple as that
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