Which Dating Site?

Choosing a Dating Site

which dating site is right

Which dating site to choose - it's a tricky one...

There's now thousands of dating sites online and each has their pros and cons so how can you choose which dating site is best for you? Here's a few tips...

Online or Speed Dating

Online dating is more and more popular but it's not for everyone; some feel it's impersonal and prefer to meet people face-to-face.

An more personal alternative is speed dating. Speed dating is a fun and interactive way to meet people with many events giving you a chance to meet and chat to 5, 10, 20 or even more singles with similar interests.

Online Dating - Free or Paid

Once upon a time there was no option; surrender your credit card details or forget about online dating!

Thankfully those days are over and there are a number of free dating sites to choose from, but paid sites may offer a different experience to their free counterparts.

The quality of members, attention to detail and customer service, features and other factors may vary considerably between free and paid dating sites so it's worth considering whether you're prepared to open your purse or wallet before deciding what dating site you're going to run with.

Niche or Mainstream

Mainstream sites cater for thousands or millions of members and generally offer a huge selection of singles over a wide location.

Niche sites may be more appropriate where you fit into a group that isn't as prevalent on mainstream site or has particular dating requirements.

There's niche sites for varying religions, incomes, body shapes and all manner of dating preference so there really is something for everyone!