Does Tinder Only Allow For Hookups?


Mobile dating app Tinder is well-known for being a hookup app. Is it simply a hookup app, though? We explore all of Tinder’s features and theories to discover whether the app is merely geared for hooking up.

A popular smartphone app for hookups and dating is called Tinder. Although Tinder initially acquired prominence as a student hookup app, it has now expanded into a dating and hookup app for single individuals.

This article will analyze why Tinder is viewed as a hookup app and how users engage with it regularly.

What Makes Tinder Popular With Hookups?

The inventors of Tinder, Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe, introduced the app in 2012. The firm was founded in the “hatch labs” startup accelerator.

Sean Rad, the company’s developer, initially targeted college campuses with his product. Rad believed in the “double opt-in” meeting technique. In contrast to a random man just approaching a lady and making approaches, this is when both parties agree to meet. This circumstance made sure that there was short interest from both sides.

Even though the early version of Tinder was merely focused on aesthetics, you could only swipe right or left if you thought the other person was attractive. Like today’s Tinder, you can talk with the other person when you join.

Due to the lack of alternatives, having a comprehensive profile that covered your hobbies, education, children, and what you’re searching for, Tinder originally had a reputation as a hookup app. Users created a short profile, added photographs, and began a chat.

Millions of individuals now use Tinder. There is a vast spectrum of these users. Some persons claim to be seeking an FWB or a hookup (friend with benefits) (friend with benefits). Some users declare they seek a meaningful relationship and reject hookup culture.

Tinder is a versatile program that may be utilized for any dating situation. It might be good to explore other dating apps like Match or Hinge if you’re hoping to find true love and a committed relationship. Only time on Tinder will disclose the guys’ or girls’ genuine intentions, which may wind up being pointless.

Does Tinder Only Allow For Hookups?

No. It’s not exclusively for hookups, Tinder. Anywhere there is sustained connection, love may happen. Users of Tinder may fall in love after meeting a probable match, which is not rare. Over 5.2 million paying subscribers to Tinder Gold features were announced by the dating app in 2019.

The probability of meeting someone you are attracted physically and mentally improves as there are more users. Any country may use Tinder to locate love because it is employed all around the world.

Similar to other dating apps, Tinder’s user population tends to be single and seeking a relationship. The user determines whether the friendship will endure a short period or last a long time. With Tinder, it’s typically quick; nevertheless, long-term scenarios are fairly possible.

This is true of all dating applications. Regardless of the mobile app’s reputation, criminal people may sign up anyplace and try to fool another person.

Why Does Tinder Have A Bad Name For Hooking Up?

Because internet dating services sometimes matched users largely on information rather than physical appearance, Tinder came under criticism. Prior to Tinder, users on dating websites may fill out places for their interests, hobbies, children, and plans.

When Tinder implemented the swipe feature, it soon became addicted. Young people no longer needed to drive to clubs to meet women or men; instead, they could aimlessly peruse images and swipe yes or no to hundreds of users in a single hour.

Additionally, it gave a platform for men and women to speak with a variety of partners in one spot. More partners result in more complications. Tinder makes it feasible for socially uncomfortable persons and introverts to meet new people without having to travel to loud, packed settings.

Popular TV programs like Family Guy have also mocked Tinder. In this episode, Quagmire finds the dating app Tinder and dates over twenty women. In the end, Peter and the team are able to delete the programming and return Quagmire to normality. People who have never heard of Tinder, especially parents who adore Family Guy, automatically have an unfavorable impression of it.

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Online hookup trials on Tinder

Additionally, well-known YouTube videos have arisen, giving dating apps a poor image of what transpires inside men’s and women’s direct messages on Tinder.

As an example, the YouTube channel “Whatever” did an experiment in which it recruited 1,000 girls to engage in casual dating on Tinder. He sent the same message to every girl after waiting three days until he had 1,000 matches. What was the outcome? For a “hookup” app, they were strangely unequal. He was only able to get 25 people to say yes, which is fewer than most would assume.

Lack of replies and other emotions predominated, as it did not seem to be in his favor, to be honest, about casual dating.

However, YouTuber Alana Arbucci downloaded Tinder for 20 minutes and got a deluge of messages from males.

After barely 20 minutes, Alana’s Tinder caught fire, and you can see the types of messages the few males gave her. Despite the tiny sample size from Tinder, it does give some insight into the charming and strange features of guys.

On the dating app Tinder, both men and women receive these two contrasting responses. The experiences of distinct individuals will vary from one another. Due to Tinder’s significantly greater user base than those of other mobile dating apps, it’s not impossible to find love there.


A common moniker for Tinder is the “hookup” mobile dating app. However, folks have experienced love outside of Tinder once they connect with a match. Although Hinge and Bumble, and other dating apps deliver superior dating results, Tinder is not far behind.

Try Tinder for a short period if you’re searching for love to discover if your experiences are different from those in the videos. The nice thing about Tinder and all of these other apps is that you can use them for nothing but time and try them out for free.

Finding the app that works best for you and that you feel most at peace with is the name of the game in the mobile app dating market.