How Tinder’s Algorithm Operates

How Tinder's Algorithm Operates

Like most mobile dating applications, Tinder will attempt to match you with the ideal spouse based on various factors. These data points are used in a mathematical formula known as an algorithm.

The Tinder algorithm gives every user a score. Getting more platform likes helps users raise their scores. This rating serves as the user’s popularity score and aids Tinder in selecting which people to display to other app users.

Algorithm for Tinder

The algorithm used by Tinder to match users incorporates a variety of data inputs. The Tinder algorithm’s workings are shown below.

Tinder Rating

Everyone on Tinder receives an ELO score, which influences your ranking in the algorithm. 

What precisely does it mean?

Austin Carr, a Fast Company writer, claims that each user has an “attraction” score determined by a number. How many swipes to the right and left do users make their score? Austin could not get much information regarding the algorithm’s calculation besides numbers.

A developer at Tinder’s corporate offices handed him his score, 946, or “upper-end of average.”

But only as an illustration of how the system may operate. You will get 1 point for every correct swipe. The user will get 0 or -1 points if they swipe left.

In Austin’s situation, scores around 900 would be more likely to be shown since females with such scores are more likely to be attracted to him.

This is just one example of how a matching algorithm on Tinder may be used to link handsome individuals with other gorgeous people. Tinder has acknowledged that it might be challenging to define what is “attractive.” Some people may be more interested in bears or tattoos when seeking a mate. Others may find it the farthest thing from what they desire.

To make sure that “attraction” is filled by more than simply a gorgeous face, Tinder offers various data points. A good profile that may amass a high ELO score requires using profile bios, images, and many other elements.

Additionally, Tinder has said in the open that its core’s components go well beyond the old “ELO” score it based its scaling on.

Visit this page to see our comprehensive Tinder user manual.

How Can I Raise My Tinder Rating?

It would help if you raised your Tinder score to locate great matches when browsing the app. It’s essential to have beautiful photos that highlight your most excellent characteristics if you’re a female.

The same is true for men. Your warm grin or blue eyes may not seem “swipe-worthy” if you are holding a fish in a photo taken from a great distance. We advise adhering to a few essential general rules of thumb for anybody attempting to raise their Tinder score.

Enhance Your First Photograph

Before the man swipes, you have one image and roughly 2.3 seconds. This is the average time a man takes to determine when to lift. Females take 4.8 seconds longer than guys.

Men often use dating apps more rapidly because they want to sort through the pile of cards swiftly. Men seldom read biographies or interact with the stuff you’ve added to your profile before you’ve met.

Users are given the card stack and must sort through it as if it were a deck of cards, especially with Tinder, due to how the app is built. Simply swiping horizontally with the thumb makes speed swiping simple.

This is why it’s so important to create an eye-catching opening image. The swiper’s speed will slow down by the simple act of letting your most outstanding qualities stand out in the initial photo, allowing them to click on your profile and discover more about you.

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Make Your Bio Appealing

Everybody on Tinder seeks their best friend, soul mate, or someone who will make them happy—creating your bio harmful is not how to improve your Tinder profile.

Make your bio as pleasant and enticing as you can, and describe what dating you would be like. Too often, we see bios chock full of derogatory remarks and red emojis, instantly turning users off.

Be as you can about what you’re looking for while discussing it. The appropriate kind of individuals will result from this.

Declare your desire for a connection without sounding condescending. Tinder is known for being a casual dating app; if you’re not interested in casual dating, make it straightforward so you can sort out potential partners.

Put Up Five Or More Pictures

Since 2012, there has been a Tinder app. Since then, the dating landscape has been turned entirely upside down.

Today’s dating scene is used to using dating apps. Members of Tinder can distinguish between your new and old images.

The user may only surmise that your profile photo is outdated if it shows you with a heavy tan in the middle of March.

Users may quickly identify old or pixelated images if they have a chance to put on a bit of weight or otherwise change the images you’re displaying. The worst-case scenario is meeting the individual and having them not anticipate it.

Be as sincere and open in your photographs as you can to draw in a suitable guy or lady.


Tinder’s algorithm aids in establishing a compatibility score, much as other dating applications. This mobile dating software matches you with other users based on your compatibility score, sometimes known as an “ELO” score.

Your score depends on finding the proper matches and getting them displayed to the right individuals. To start dating, many men and women may casually post images of themselves online. We advise spending 10 to 15 minutes locating the appropriate pictures (or taking new ones).

Additionally, it takes time to write a 50–100 word bio. Write short stories instead of novels since it’s likely that the user won’t read them.