Is the Christian Cafe Dating Site Worth Your Time?

Are you a Christian seeking someone of your faith for love? Is it difficult to find other Christians on traditional dating sites?

Christian Cafe is pricier than the average dating site, but it offers a vast array of features that make it worth checking out.

Are you unsure if signing up is the right choice? Are you wary of reviews that don’t provide enough information before you decide to buy?

We understand why you want to be sure about the dating site you choose, so we have done the research, and here are our findings. Let’s get started.

How Do I Sign Up?

Fast and simple, like most major dating sites. Those who identify as LGBTQ+ are not eligible to join, but almost everyone else is.

After verifying your account, adding a profile image, and entering user information, you can take advantage of a free 7 or 10 day trial period that includes all of the same features and benefits as paid accounts. This includes:

  • Members can access an unlimited amount of emails, forms and instant messages.
  • Unrestricted access to every member’s profile.
  • Prayer support can be provided through posting or reading requests from other people.
  • This search engine allows users to search based on a variety of criteria like denomination, faith, location, and pastimes.

If you don’t upgrade to a paid membership plan after your free trial is over, you’ll no longer have access to the site’s features and won’t be able to contact other members.

Layout and Features

Whenever I go to the Christian Cafe, I’m amazed. They don’t accept ads, which is great, and they always promote safe dating on all their webpages.

Moreover, Christian Cafe does away with any idle accounts after 90 days.

Even though it can be annoying, if you are a single Christian, you should not keep old, out-of-date, or duplicate profiles. Here’s why.

How Long Will My Dating Profile Stay Online?

Despite my writing over 500 dating site reviews, most of these sites still have old pictures and information about me stored in their databases. My stories remain on more than half of the sites I’ve reviewed.

Even though I’m in a relationship, I’m still able to access and keep up with my many accounts. People searching for love don’t realize that I’m not available.

After a long time, I recently noticed my pictures being used in marketing materials.

Therefore, even though there are other features in this Christian Cafe review that might not be appealing, let this one enhance your romantic life.

If you’ve already left the site and want to come back, send your information to so that your account can be reactivated.

What is the cost of Christian Cafe?

Options for paid memberships include two weeks for $29.95 USD, one month for $39.95 USD, three months for $59.95 USD, six months for $89.95 USD, and one year’s access for $119.95 USD.

The prices for this Christian Cafe review are a little high, but they are about the same as those for high-end niche dating sites like eHarmony.

Get complimentary access to Christian Cafe.

Christian Cafe is one of my favorite highlights. For each individual who refers a companion, they get five days of free access, and by referring two companions, they will receive ten days. It is as straightforward as that.


If you identify as LGBT and are looking for a Christian dating site, then this isn’t the right place for you. There is a significant number of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people who follow Christianity.

During the free trial, you should take the chance to see how many people in your area use the service. It is certain there will be much fewer than on Big Church. However, do you wish to connect with individuals who are part of a database that also includes sites for adult dating? Probably not.

Get quality dates and pay for the service—as minimal an amount as you believe is necessary to find a great match. Don’t you wish to do this? It’s simple. Just don’t take any action, and your profile will be deleted automatically.