Recommended number of photos for Tinder

Recommended number of photos for Tinder

Tinder enables you to have up to 9 photographs when uploading pictures to your profile—the amount of photographs counts while developing a profile to enhance your efficiency in acquiring matches.

The quantity of photographs that you should have while establishing a Tinder profile is 6. Anything less, you may look as though you’re a bot, and anything more, people may start to develop second views about your profile.

Whether male or female, read through Tinder; they want to make sure your profile is legitimate. Nobody wants to spend time browsing and wondering whether a shape with two photographs is the person on the other end.

When joining Tinder, we suggest filling out at least six image spaces when signing up. To date, 9 photo slots enable you to show off your most significant characteristics.

Images You Should Avoid Putting On Your Dating Profile

It would help if you avoided personal photographs to optimize your Tinder profile for likes. We’ll divide ideas for boys and ladies, so you can decide which picture to eliminate from your album.

Why Should I Serve At Minor 6 Picture Slots On Tinder

 We’re going to lay down all the reasons why you’ll want to complete each position and the advantages of completing each.

The show, You’re Genuine \ First and most crucial, we want to prove that we’re honest. With all of the bot discussion about mobile applications, it’s vital to demonstrate that you’re actually from the start.

Bot or spam profiles often contain 1-2 images and no bio. People who use Tinder often may notice these profiles quickly. It’s vital not to fall into the “is this a bot” category by simply having a few photographs.

We urge you to fill up all the spaces with photographs demonstrating your personality so people can quickly swipe right on you without hesitation.

Showcase Your Best Features

Let’s face it, the possibility of us having nine flawless photographs is slim. There’s a fair probability we’ll have 3-4 lovely images and perhaps two others.

Use these photographs to show off your personality, whether with your friends, with you laughing, or maybe a shot with one of your favorite animals.

Display this via a close-up of these attributes if you have great legs, muscular arms, or even a kind grin.

Along with displaying photographs of your most outstanding characteristics, there are also specific pictures that you should avoid to optimize your profile.

Group Photos

Group images are fantastic if you have one of them and it’s positioned in the rear end of your picture book.

Putting group images as your initial picture is the most significant “no-no” in dating app photo alignments. The reason is that you make the user struggle to see which one is you.

More often than not, people that feature a group shot as their primary photo will automatically be swiped right. People unconsciously do this for a few reasons.

As said, the task of attempting to figure out who is irritating. Simply swiping left is far more straightforward for the user than trying to figure out who you are.

The following argument is that the user will quickly start to compare your appearance to your buddies. For instance, if you’re in a group shot with betting-looking individuals than you, the user will be let down when they find that the less handsome person is the one who controls the profile.

To prevent this, don’t upload any group images; ensure the attention is on you and you alone.

Awkward Gym Selfies

Awkward gym selfies may appear fantastic if you have excellent muscles; nonetheless, the fundamental aspect of putting up a gym selfie is uncomfortable. This one mainly refers to males who like to flex in the mirror at gyms.

There are lots of other methods to show off that you have muscles. Simply having a beach image or even wearing a tank top is a terrific method to show off the muscles without seeming like you’re trying too hard.

We advocate removing the awkward gym selfie. If you’re snapping a photo at the gym, and even if it doesn’t appear unpleasant, it is.

Pictures Of Objects Or Animals

When we say photos of nothing, we mean in the sense of you having a picture of “not you.” If you adore your dog or cat, place yourself in that image with your dog or cat.

If you love the beach, place yourself on the beach. Do not simply snap a random photo of your cat or the seashore. Every image should be of you and should show off your attributes. Your puppy may be gorgeous, but the user isn’t swiping for the dog; they’re swiping for you.

Pictures With Opposite Gender

Once a person is envious or senses competition, they tend to strike back.

This is no different while scrolling through photographs. If you have a picture with another female, the girl swiping will quickly feel envious. She is also likely to swipe left since she doesn’t want to compete with other females.

The same goes for females. Even if the person in your photo is your brother, other guys don’t want to see you with another guy. It’s a natural competitive impulse in males. They are built to have. Men wish to view a single woman and swipe right/left, depending on her beauty or bio.

Not Showing Your Kids

If you have kids, show them. Both boys and ladies are likely to want to know whether you have kids or not. Hiding your kids from your profile photo, then suddenly revealing to them later that you have kids, not only looks awful on you as a parent but puts the individual in an unpleasant place.

We prefer to urge folks to be as open as possible if they have a kid. Let them know how old the youngster is and have 1 or 2 photographs with them. The additional 4-5 photographs may promote yourself and how amazing a mom/dad you are!

Inappropriate Photos

We placed this one last since there’s a narrow line between the sort of promiscuous images your upload. Whether you’re a male, having your shirt off at the beach, pool, or even yard work outdoors is entirely acceptable.

Ladies, however, you need to choose and choose where and how you display your promiscuous images. If you’re nearly fully nude, it will signal to the man that you’re seeking casual dating, not a relationship.

Well-placed cleavage and gym photographs are great for flaunting your figure rather than simply putting up openly half-naked photos. Determine what you’re seeking to achieve out of your dating app experience and adapt your photographs toward that end goal.


We advocate utilizing all nine picture slots to display your most outstanding traits and best physique features. Also, make sure to use updated photographs. Users can notice if you utilize photos that are years old. Grainy pictures will more than likely be swiped left on.

Update your profile with clean and concise photographs and show your individuality in each shot!